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eBook- Roscoe Learns to Wait

eBook- Roscoe Learns to Wait

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Shhh! Do you hear that squawking?!

That’s the sound of Roscoe the Rooster being impatient with his barnyard friends. He wants everything - now! Will he ever learn how to treat others with patience and kindness?

In this endearing children's book, Roscoe embarks on a journey of his character development of self-discovery, learning invaluable lessons in patience and the hard lesson of waiting from his barnyard friends. He learns to wait as his friends are kind and gentle as they respond to his impatient ways by showing forgiveness is necessary in restoring relationships.

Whether you're a child learning these meaningful lessons for the first time or an adult revisiting them, Roscoe's coop adventure reminds us that patience knows no age, and the beauty of waiting is something we can all appreciate. Join Roscoe the Rooster’s journey in his heartwarming transformation of learning that patience is a virtue which shows love and kindness towards others.

What you will find in this book:

  • Valuable lessons in self-discovery and personal growth
  • Being patient is being loving and kind
  • Understanding the importance of waiting
  • Importance of forgiveness in restoring relationships
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